On June the nineteenth, in biology we worked on a practical in the lab to work on the effect of catalase. These were our instructions:

1. Read through the instructions. Decide what you will observe and measure.
2. Draw a results table.
3. Measure 10ml or cm3 of hydrogen peroxide into each of the test tubes.
4. To 1 test tube, add chopped raw potato. Label it.
5. To the other test tube, add chopped boiled potato.
6. Light a match, and then blow it out, so that it is glowing. Gently push it down through the bubbles in each tube.
7. Record your observations, and explain them as fully as you can.


Table of results:

Bienaventuranzas 1:

a. ¿Cómo relacionás la historia de Eduardo con las bienaventuranzas que nos enseñó Jesús?

Yo relaciono las dos bienaventuranzas, ya que la bienaventuranza de Eduardo está basada en la de Jesús porque busca el deseo natural de la felicidad que pone Dios en nuestros corazones.

b. Escribe alguna meditación personal sobre algo del video que haya llamado tu atención.

A mi me llamó la atención cuando Eduardo estaba solo y confundido y aparece la virgen Maria para ayudarlo y cambiar su vida.

Biology activity #2

In biology we are studying the functions of the parts of the animal and of the plant cell. Our task was to divide in groups and act some of the functions of these organelles. My group was formed by Juana Fernández Calvo, Ignacio Okecki and  Sebastian Burgio. We were asked to act the functions of the mitochondria and of the cell membrane.

First we went to Nacho’s house to do the work. Second we searched on the internet the functions of these two organelles. Third we decided how we were going to act these functions. Fourth we divided the roles and then we practiced the presentation. We decided to present all our work live, in front of all the class because we thought that it was going to be easier for our classmates to understand it better.  

We were happy with our final result. However, we believe that next time we have to present all our information in a more organized and efficient way.