On Wednesday 23rd, we headed to the lab to start a new experiment related to germination. We got into groups of 3. We used a jar, soil and a potato that had already started to germinate.

First, we filled half the jar with soil. Then, we cut a piece of potato and placed it on top of it. I worked with Juana Tesan and Josefina López Lecube, and here are some pictures of the experiment!




Trabajos de historia

En historia trabajamos con la destreza de pensamiento de comparar y contrastar dos periodos de la Antigua Roma. Este trabajo lo realizamos en grupos de a cuatro. Mi grupo estaba formado por Juana Tesan, Juan Ignacio Garcés y Sebastián Burgio. Este es nuestro trabajo:


Luego de haber hecho este trabajo, en parejas teníamos que escribir un ensayo sobre estos temas. Hice este trabajo con Juana Tesan.

Ensayo Historia_




Lab Work 9/10/9

9/10/19 we went to the lab and we tested the PH with red cabbage as the indicator. We worked in groups, mine was Catalina Pernarcic and Clara Zorraquin.

We were given 3 test tubes with different types of liquids inside, and then we had to put 10ml of red cabbage inside each one. If we waited the colors of the different substances changed a lot. For example, in the test tube number 2, at first the liquid was green, but then it turned into yellow.