Biological drawing

Las week we went to the lab and we made a biological drawing. The task of this class was to draw labelling lines to the drawing and record an audio describing all the experience including difficulties when drawing, when self assessing your drawing, and any ideas on how you can improve your drawing next time you need to make one.

This is my drawing:


Lab safety rules

Today in biology with Ceci we worked in groups with the safety lab rules. My group was formed by Luisa De Elia, Josefina Lopez Lecube, Maria Bartomeo, Clara Zorraquín and Milena Nuñez Pichel. This is our work:

  1. Tie your hair.
  2. Use goggles when doing an experiment.
  3. Wash your hands after an experiment.
  4. Do not smell directly from the container, beaker or tube your using for the project.
  5. Don’t wear long sleeves or any coats.
  6. Do not eat or drink anything that is lab material, not even what you used for the experiment.
  7. Take care of the laboratory material such as the glass wear.
  8. If something falls or breaks immediately call the teacher.
  9. Do not run.
  10. Do not mix any substances unless your teacher asks you to.
  11. If any chemical enters your eye, you must wash it with water during 15 minutes.
  12. If a fire starts do not doubt about calling your teacher.
  13. Do not play around, the lab is a serious working place.


Beware of these 3 things:

  1. Fire and gas
  2. Chemicals
  3. Glass


Lab test – 6/11

On november the 6th we went to the lab. We were going to do an experiment, which its  aim was to go deeper into what’s inside a seed, in this case, a potato. The materials that used for the experiment were a slice of potato and iodine solution. I did this work with Clara Zorraquin, María Bartomeo and Luisa de Elia. These were our results. 

Biology Multiple choice


Today 6/11 we made a multiple choice on chapter 16. We did this work in pairs and then we corrected the answers all together in class. My partner was Clara Zorraquín. This were our results: 

1: A- correct

2: D- correct

3: C- correct 

4: D- correct

5: B- correct

6: C- correct 

7: C- correct

8: D is wrong because what pases through the style is the male gamete (option B)

9: D- correct 

10: B- correct 



On Wednesday 23rd, we headed to the lab to start a new experiment related to germination. We got into groups of 3. We used a jar, soil and a potato that had already started to germinate.

First, we filled half the jar with soil. Then, we cut a piece of potato and placed it on top of it. I worked with Juana Tesan and Josefina López Lecube, and here are some pictures of the experiment!